Why Powerboat Racing Is an Awesome Spectator Sport

Formula one powerboat racing is yet to obtain a huge following all over the world, but the sport offers so much to audiences just like other mainstream sports, such as football, hockey, baseball and other motorsports. Here are some reasons that Formula One powerboat racing is an awesome sport to watch.


Nobody can argue against the excitement of a sport with extremely fast boats going around the course. This is no different from other motorsports which keep audiences on the edge of their seats for long periods. Just like we talk of such things as rugby live streaming, it is our hope that Formula One powerboat racing will be live streamed more in the future, and it is just a matter of time before Formula One powerboad live streaming becomes a common palance.


The skill of manoeuvring a boat with a weight of 390 kilograms at a speed as high as 250km/h, around a course with other boats next to a driver, is obviously awesome. This takes considerable skill and nerve. Other forms of motorsport do not have to deal with the unpredictability of the water and wind, which can change conditions quickly. And the choppiness of the water can make steering the boat extremely difficult.


There is no question that the danger of the sport makes it exciting for audiences to watch. A boat that is almost skimming over the water looks very dangerous. The dangers are not unfounded and the sport is known for some of the biggest motorsport crashes ever seen. There is a long list of fatalities resulting from accidents in powerboat racing of all different forms. One bad turn or decision by a driver can result in potential death.

The dangers of Formula One powerboat racing make it a thrilling sport for bot the drivers and spectators. The excitement can be felt in the audience and the sport will continue to attract audiences looking for thrills.