What Does It Take to Become a Formula 1 Powerboat Driver

If you love speed, taking risks and winning big, then you are naturally cut out for Formula 1 powerboat racing. In fact, there’s only a handful of things that can be as exhilarating as handling a v6 engine that moves a vessel from 0 to 100km/h in a record 2 seconds.

The truth is, motorboating is an expensive hobby and can get quite dangerous especially if you’re into F1 racing. From acquiring the powerboat to maintenance and everything in between, it’s clear that you should be ready to spend a fortune and plenty of time to build up your skills.

Start Small

As much as powerboating may seem fun and cushy, it’s not. You need to start small, like with water bikes then graduate to small motorboats before thinking about F1 powerboats. You’ll not only learn how to handle a watercraft, but you’ll also know a thing or two about “the ways of the water.”

Have No Fear

Modern F1 vessels can reach speeds of 220km/h. That coupled with the little fact that these mean machines don’t come with a braking system, makes the sport quite scary. So the idea here is to understand how to operate the boat safely.

Of course, there will be moments when the vessel will catapult. But don’t let that get to you as they come with a ton of safety features like safety belts, airbags, a closed cockpit, and much more.


The only thing that stands between winners from losers is hard work. And that applies to boating too. So, if you put in a modest amount of time, you might be at the top of the game in a few short years. But don’t take this the wrong way; nobody is saying that it will be easy. You’ll have to sacrifice a lot of weekends and holidays to make it work.