The Grand Prix Is Finally Coming to Amaravati This November

After the spectacular show put up by drivers in the Xiangyang Grand Prix last September, we’re delighted to inform you that there is another one coming up in Amaravati, India. It will run from November 16 to 18 2018, and all the big names are expected to show up.

In case you missed the Xiangyang Grand Prix, Shaun Torrente from the US won with 20 points, followed by Thani Al Qemzi at 15 points, and Erik Stark scooped third place with 12 points.

Amaravati boasts of having year-round sunshine, unrivalled hospitality and world-class infrastructure. That, coupled with luxurious hotels and sporting facilities, makes it the perfect destination for a freshwater Grand Prix.

As expected, the race will go down on the Krishna River, and the course will be approximately 2125 metres long and 85 metres wide. But only 24 boats will make it to the circuit, and they will access the water through two cranes.

As with any other Grand Prix event, there will be metallic barriers to keep the public safe from any nasty surprises. The altitude of this venue is 23 metres above sea level, so you should expect a slightly different action pack, rather than what you typically get from salt water races.

The Krishna River derives its name from Lord Krishna, and it runs approximately 1300 km across the country. It is the primary source of water for the people in Andhra Pradesh, as they use it for irrigation, drinking, and even the wildlife depend on it too. Not only that, but the river is known to have large deposits of oil, gas, coal, granite, gold, laterite and uranium.

The event will happen near the newly built Greenfield city, which is designed to be 51% green space and 10% water bodies. It is expected to become the “people’s capital,” as it has brought new ideas and concepts while conserving the heritage of the people of Andhra Pradesh.