Mercury Marine Gets a Worthy Competitor

There is only a handful of boat engine makers that can deliver the power that an F1 h20 vessel needs. The units need to be perfectly tuned to provide maximum performance and durability that is fit for the Grand Prix. And that’s why the Mercury Marine is so popular on and off the racing circuits.

The current Mercury racing engine is a 2 stroke, 450 hp engine. It features EFI Technology that not only saves fuel but is also known to have a low pollution level. For over two decades now, this engine has been the standard, and the competitors are clearly struggling to keep up.

The engine maker has also gone ahead to capture the recreational boating market with smaller outboard engines. The units come in several sizes and are typically the first choice for many boaters. And they also have a ton of positive customer reviews to match that success.

However, there are other engines manufacturers in this market, such as Caudwell. This particular company is a South African based boat engine maker that has been in the boat racing industry long enough to produce a unit that poses as a direct competitor to the Mercury Marine.

Caudwell’s engine is a 4 cylinder 3.5L overhead camshaft unit that can achieve 8500 rpm in race trim. The engine parts come from Cosworth Racing’s production line, and from the look of things, Caudwell is giving Mercury a run for their money. The testing phase is far behind them now, and they are looking forward to appearing in more races in the future.

However, this isn’t the first attempt by Caudwell to capture the engine market. The first one was in the mid-1970s when the company launched their 6 cylinder units that came with detachable frames. Though this unit was competitive, it did not stand a chance against the more powerful Mercury engine.

In a brief statement, Kelvin Delany the project manager for the 4 stroke project, said that they would be entering the F1 series respectfully and professionally. He also said that he knows that they have a lot to learn, but it’s nothing they can’t handle.