Boat Racing Bets

When it comes to sports betting, the menu is typically the same most of the time; football and horse racing. And that can get quite boring, especially if you are a regular gambler.

However, boat race betting is an excellent alternative. It is not by any chance a new entry into the betting scene, but it is seasonal. The sport has gained quite a reputation over the years, so it attracts enormous crowds, and even more punters, every time it goes down.

The truth is, boat race betting is as easy as identifying a reputable site, such as this Unibet Betting Offer, and placing a bet. If your team wins, the bookmaker refunds the wager and tops it up with a reward. If not, you lose the stake and get another chance to try again.

Though sports betting is not an exact science, there are a couple of things a player can do, to supercharge their chances of winning. These tips have been part of the insider secret archive for some time now. But today, we are letting you in.

The Coin Toss Can Affect the Outcome

It’s only logical that the team that wins the coin toss sits at a slight advantage. So the idea here is to hold your bet until all sides are done flipping the coin. That, coupled with a few other tips included here, can point you in the right direction.

Consider Last Year’s Loser

According to statistics, no team wins twice in a row at the UK university annual boat racing competition. If Oxford won last year, there is a 60% chance that Cambridge will make a comeback this year.

The Starting Position

The starting point of your favourite team places it at an advantage or disadvantage. If you are betting on the Oxford Cambridge race, go for the boat that starts at the north. Experienced players say that this position comes with a lucky charm and some advantage.

Go for Heavier Boats

As much as this might seem weird, you have better chances with a more substantial boat as they tend to win in most cases. The real reason behind this statistic is not clear-cut, but it does works.

Fast Starters are Always Winners

The last thing you should look out for is how the teams start the race. It’s obvious that the quickest team has physically fit players who know how to work as a unit. And, that is pretty much the whole point of this sport.